an agency with history

Predifunchal, founded in 1985, is a company with a well-defined purpose, helping people to marry their new homes.

With more than 30 years on the market, Predifunchal is a family business, which has gone through three generations, currently being managed between parents and son’s. A legacy of grandparents, parents and children.

THE TRUE PRINCIPLE and KEY to success of our company is to stay close to customers in a familiar and accessible environment that allows us to follow throughout the selection process until the time of purchase itself. The customer satisfaction is what feeds us and gives us strenght to continue on the path to success.
OUR CUSTOMERS are the business foundation and our team/family are the foundations that sustain and place us in Madeira’s forefront of real estate.
More than 30 projects were marketed exclusively and many built by our company. The most recent was a building in the heart of Madeira’s Capital with 30 apartments, latter sold in less than four months after the agreement of exclusivity with Predifunchal, along with other comercial spaces and services. Congratulations to the team that dedicated it’s time to the success of this housing developpment.
OUR TEAM is always motivated to help our customers, along them we have experts in financing, investments, business management, marketing and design, even architecture and urban planning, relationship marketing, nursing, labor gymnastics, business owners and entrepreneurs, and all of them working as a team, and above all as a family, multidisciplinary and capable of any challenge.
Come meet us personaly and we will be happy to know you as well.

Additional information about the company:
We are constantly updating in the real estate business over all these years and we have partnerships with several property developers (some on exclusivity bases) as well as other real estate companies in Porto Santo and Lisbon.
If you are thinking in buying, selling or exchange or rent your property, do not decide without consulting us and always prefer a licensed mediator with experience and safety.
We treat all property documentation, bank credit to residentes, immigrants and foreigners. We also have protocols with the major Portuguese Banks to finance your next home up to 70%.
Predifunchal, Soc. Lda. (also knowded as Pfimobiliaria) with legal permit AMI 914, issued by the Institute of Public and Private Works and Real Estate, in 15/03/1995. APEMIP associated, with nº316 and liability insurance up to 250.000€ by the policy nº0003960494 of Tranquilidade Insurance Company.
Our main office is at Rua Dr. Fernão Ornelas, 13 and 15, 9050-021, Funchal. Opened from Monday to Friday between 9:30 to 19:00. Contact numbers: +351 291 214 140 and +351 968 018 758.
We also have another office at Estrada Monumental, 241 B, Building Rodamar, 9000-100, Funchal (in front of Fórum Madeira). Opened from Monday to Friday between 9:30 to 19:00. Contact numbers: +351 291 745 220 and +351 966 312 432.

Together since 1985, more than 12.000 people already said YES to Predifunchal.